Cheif Executive's Message

  • Imtiaz Ahmad

    At University of Sargodha Gujranwala Campus, we aim to create a generation of alumni who are ready to take on board the challenging demands of practical life.Our focus is therefore on the holistic development of our student's personalities. For this purpose all the requisite academic and instructional facilities are being provided for an optimum learning possibility. The majority of our teaching faculty comprises research oriented senior academicians with high profile academic background.

    UoS Gujranwala Campus is equipped with a modern computer lab with high speed connectivity. Instructors are always there for providing hands-on training to the students. We have meticulously focused on the provision of library resources including soft- ware, books, journals and encyclopedias. The library is always there to help the students find the relevant materials.

    Our main focus is to ensure that quality education with an affordable fee package is an achievable end. We hope to set the trend in this direction.

    We look forward to the interaction of the eager students with the best available teaching resources towards the setting of a unique academic tradition insha’Allah.

    With the progress of two semesters and with two campuses in the city, the University of Sargodha Gujranwala Campus has steadily progressed in several dimensions. Several new disciplines both at the graduate and undergraduate level are being introduced in Fall 2014. With vital growth in faculty and with much improved teaching resources, we aim to soar high in attaining our academic objectives.

    The QEC (Quality Enhancement Cell) of the University of Sargodha is consistently in touch with us and through their frequent visits and guidance, we are working on lines prescribed by HEC.

    The results of the two semesters depict the stringent standards of teaching and assessment and I am sure that the students with a serious bent of mind towards studies would ultimately be granted degree.

    My advice to the prospective students is to develop a keen sense of commitment towards their studies from the first day of their regular study as University Students and aim at developing holistically not only in securing excellent grades but also in grooming their personalities as responsible citizens of Pakistan.