Cheif Executive's Message

  • Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ehsan Malik

    Nations live with dignity only when they continuously prepare themselves in terms of the challenges of tomorrow. The nations’ plan in terms of dissemination of education has a lasting impact on its citizens. It is the responsibility of Universities to look forward unceasingly for exploring new horizons of development for optimization of the national knowledge base.

    University of Sargodha took a very positive lead in actualizing the idea of opening new campuses in different cities while taking good care of quality education. This way both the parents and the students can benefit from University education without going into concerns regarding unusual distances and expenses. The students would now have university education delivered to them at their door step with an affordable fee structure.

    This campus has been established fulfilling all legal requirements and a student enrolled here is not different from the student enrolled at the main campus, Sargodha.

    Inter-campus migration is also possible and the same level of excellence is promised in terms of curriculum, faculty, student development and other aspects of an enabling educational environment.

    I am very happy to welcome you to this seat of learning and hopeful that through hard work, enthusiasm and dedicated effort, USGC will lead you to a bright future insha’Allah.